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IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) is an institution-established body that ensures a quality management system is in place and continuously works to improve the quality of education provided.

Introduction to the IQAC-BUBT

IQAC-BUBT was established in January, 2017 under the HEQEP of the Government of Bangladesh which is implemented by the UGC. IQAC-BUBT was jointly financed by BUBT and the HEQEP. Out of the total fund of Tk. 1.36 crore, BUBT contributed Tk. 36.00 lac and the rest by the HEQEP of the UGC. This fund is stipulated for two years i.e. 2017 and 2018. After this project period of two years, BUBT will have to include IQAC in its own revenue budget.

IQAC is the supportive body of the BUBT management to evaluate, enrich and maintain the overall academic quality of various undergraduate and graduate programs of the university. In this regard IQAC arranges necessary workshops and trainings for the faculty members as well as officers of the university so that the proper quality can be ensured. The cell supervises the Self-Assessment activities of different academic programs run in this university. It helps the different departments update the course curriculum for meeting the present demand of the world standard education.

Quality Parameters

Development and application of quality parameters for various academic and administrative activities of BUBT

Learner-Centric Environment

Facilitating the establishment of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty development

World University Ranking

Taking initiatives to develop a culture conducive to securing position in World University Rankings

Quality Culture

Organizing inter and intra instructional workshops, seminars, consultative dialogues on quality related themes for promotion of quality culture

Self-Assessment Exercise

Providing administrative and financial support to carry-out the self-assessment exercise. Preserving and forwarding the SAR and PRR to the QAC and UGC

Nodal Agency

Acting as a nodal agency of the universities for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices


Message from the Vice Chancellor and QAC Chairman


Prof. Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan
Vice Chancellor

We are committed to develop a quality culture by bridging all faculty members, staffs and top management of BUBT for implementing Quality Assurance practices. Quality assurance has always been BUBT’s priority since its inception in 2017. We have been trying to ensure quality in its various academic programs in order to build a strong brand for BUBT as a top ranking university in Bangladesh. To ensure the quality, we established Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) so that quality of education can be encouraged, guaranteed and established in BUBT. A number of committees, such as, QAC, FQAC, PSAC in relation to Quality Assurance mechanism at BUBT has been formed. PSAC in each department is responsible to administer Quality Assurance exercise in cooperation with IQAC.
IQAC will disseminate information on various quality parameters of higher education through this website which will highlight on QA activities the university is following with BAC standards, UGC requirements and BUBT policies.

Message from the Director of IQAC


Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh

Prime objective of IQAC-BUBT is to promote quality assurance culture within the university and enrich our graduates with right skills. Keeping this in mind, various QA strategies and mechanisms are being developed by incorporating QAU of HEQEP, BNQF and standards of Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC). We are also focusing on skill development mechanism for strengthening capacity of various departments and administrative units through workshops, trainings, recruitment, staff development and research.
This website will be a great platform to document and disseminate the various QA & TL activities and events that BUBT-IQAC has involved in. The website will publish updated information to external and internal stakeholders.

Message from Additional Director of IQAC


Zaved Mannan
Additional Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the BUBT-IQAC website which has been working towards implementation of QA through preparing SA reports, modernization of the curricula, implementing outcome based education, conducting research activities, promoting academic innovation, evaluating course and teacher performance, etc. We have established QA mechanism for systematic review of academic programs, quality of education and teaching-learning standards at an acceptable level. Currently we are working closely with Bangladesh Accreditation Council for accreditation of each academic programs and University.

General Objectives of IQAC-BUBT

  • To promote a quality assurance culture within Bangladesh University of Business and Technology;
  • To enrich the graduates with right skills so that they can involve themselves in community services, can contribute to the national development and successfully compete in the global knowledge;

Specific Objectives of the  IQAC-BUBT

  • To organize trainings, workshops, seminars on quality assurance for faculty members;
  • To prepare the university to meet the requirements of professional accreditation bodies;
  • To develop the self-assessment (SA) and peer review mechanism;
  • To develop and continuously update of quality assurance manual, tools and documents;
  • To enhance professional skills and knowledge of academic staff of this university in order to provide better teaching & learning;
  • To create better opportunities for academic staff with a view to establishing collaborative research network with national and foreign universities;
  • To improve the capacity of the university for producing qualified graduates for the job market at home and abroad;
  • To enhance the acceptability of the students of this university to reputed/prominent universities for further studies;
  • To build image of the university with confidence of the stakeholders by ensuring quality management;
  • To supervise the modernization and development of curricula of different degree programs;
  • To supervise the implementation of academic programs including admission of students, regular holding of classes, preparation of course outlines, development of libraries etc; and
  • To ensure timely publication of results of different examinations conducted by the university.


Recent Activities