Introduction to the IQAC-BUBT

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell of Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (IQAC-BUBT) was established in January, 2017 under the HEQEP of the Government of Bangladesh which is being implemented by the UGC. BUBT is included in the HEQEP in the fourth round of the project. IQAC-BUBT is jointly financed by BUBT and the HEQEP. Out of the total fund of Tk. 1.36 crore, BUBT contributed Tk. 36.00 lac and the rest by the HEQEP of the UGC. This fund is stipulated for two years i.e 2017 and 2018. After this project period of two years, BUBT will have to include the cell in its own revenue budget.

IQAC is the supportive body of the BUBT management to evaluate, enrich and maintain the overall academic quality of various undergraduate and graduate programs of the university. In this regard this cell arranges necessary workshops and trainings for the faculty members as well as officers of the university so that the proper quality can be ensured. The cell supervises the Self-Assessment activities of different academic programs run in this university. It helps the different departments update the course curriculum for meeting the present demand of the world standard education.


IQAC-BUBT Relationship Diagram


Workshop on “The Roles and Responsibilities & the Ethical Principles for the University Teachers (3rd Round)” – Organized by IQAC-BUBT

  Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of BUBT organized the third round workshop on the Roles and Responsibilities for the University Teachers on April 8, 2018 at the IQAC-BUBT Seminar Room.  25 (twenty five) faculty members from different departments of BUBT were present in the workshop. Dr. Kazi Nurul Islam, Retired Professor and Founding Chairman of the Department of World ...Read More

Workshop on “Exchanging Ideas of Survey Results” – organized by SAC of English Department

The Self-Assessment Committee (SAC) of the Department of English of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) organized the second workshop entitled “Exchanging Ideas of Survey Results” under the Higher Education Quality Enhance Project (HEQEP) of the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. The workshop was held in the Conference Room of the Department of ...Read More

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18 June, 2018

Welcher Blog Beitrag stil passt am gut zu dir?

Der Blogeintrag, der uff (berlinerisch) einer Website gefunden vermag, spiegelt meistens zumindest teils die Persönlichkeit des Autors wider. Das ist normal und wird aus verschiedenen Gründen erwartet. Erstens, die beliebtesten Blogs gewinnen fuer Ruhm ferner Gefallen, dadurch sie häufige und interessante Beiträge erstellen. Wenn Jene dies oft schreiben, ist es für den Autor einfacher, einen Stil auszuwählen, Read More

6 June, 2018

How to pick the beyond reproach virtual data room providers and to spin money out

It goes without saying that the VDRs are widely used everywhere in this day and age as they suggest us a lot of effective possibilities we can use for our deal-making. In our days, there are numerous sophisticated Virtual Data Rooms. On the other end of the spectrum, not everybody knows how to give preference to the flawless Read More

5 June, 2018

Can Successful Revolutions Help Conquer Competition

Creativity is often the only technique to continue to be ahead regarding the contest. When exploited properly it will certainly improve industry survivability as well as lead so that you can amplified profits. Each time when, to survive, businesses attempt to carry up task of competing and sustainable innovation, handful of succeed because of generally established ideas that happen to Read More