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IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) is an institution-established body that ensures a quality management system is in place and continuously works to improve the quality of education provided.

Introduction to the IQAC-BUBT

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell of Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (IQAC-BUBT) was established in January, 2017 under the HEQEP of the Government of Bangladesh which is being implemented by the UGC. BUBT is included in the HEQEP in the fourth round of the project. IQAC-BUBT is jointly financed by BUBT and the HEQEP. Out of the total fund of Tk. 1.36 crore, BUBT contributed Tk. 36.00 lac and the rest by the HEQEP of the UGC. This fund is stipulated for two years i.e 2017 and 2018. After this project period of two years, BUBT will have to include the cell in its own revenue budget.

IQAC is the supportive body of the BUBT management to evaluate, enrich and maintain the overall academic quality of various undergraduate and graduate programs of the university. In this regard this cell arranges necessary workshops and trainings for the faculty members as well as officers of the university so that the proper quality can be ensured. The cell supervises the Self-Assessment activities of different academic programs run in this university. It helps the different departments update the course curriculum for meeting the present demand of the world standard education.

Efficient & Timely Work

Efficient and timely work is the ability to complete tasks quickly and effectively, without wasting resources or time.

Academic Researches

Academic researches are essential for advancing knowledge and innovation in education.

Innovative Approaches

Innovative approaches are key to solving complex problems efficiently.

ICT for Modern Education

ICT for Modern Education enhances teaching, learning, and access to knowledge.

Best Assessment Process

Best Assessment Process is reliable, valid, fair, and useful for improvement.

Best Infrastructure

Effective infrastructure improves accessibility, functionality and sustainability.

Message from the

I am pleased to announce the establishment of our Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) which is a vital step towards ensuring that our institution provides high-quality education to our students. The IQAC will work to establish and implement internal quality assurance mechanisms, promote a culture of quality within the institution, and foster a continuous process of self-evaluation and improvement. I urge all members of our institution to fully support the IQAC in its efforts to ensure that we are in compliance with accreditation standards and guidelines, and that we are always working to improve our processes and outcomes. Together, we can make our institution a leader in providing quality education.


Meet The Team

Introducing the dynamic force behind our success

Prof. Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan

Vice-Chancellor, BUBT

Professor Santi Narayan Ghosh

Director, IQAC-BUBT

Zaved Manna

Additional Director, IQAC-BUBT

Recent Activities

Message from the Additional Director of IQAC​

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the BUBT-IQAC website which has been working towards implementation of QA through preparing SA reports, modernization of the curricula, implementing outcome based education, promoting academic innovation, evaluating course and teacher performance, etc. We have established QA mechanism for systematic review of academic...

Message from the Director of IQAC​

Prime objective of IQAC-BUBT is to promote quality assurance culture within the university and enrich our graduates with right skills. Keeping this in mind, various QA strategies and mechanisms are being developed by incorporating QAU of HEQEP, BNQF and standards of Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC). We are also focusing on...

Message from the Vice Chancellor and QAC Chairman

We are committed to develop a quality culture by bridging all faculty members, staffs and top management of BUBT for implementing Quality Assurance practices. Quality assurance has always been BUBT’s priority since its inception in 2017. We have been trying to ensure quality in its various academic programs in order...

Meeting of Program Self Assessment Committees (PSACs)

A meeting of all Program Self Assessment Committees (PSACs) was held on Monday, December 12, 2022, at 11:30 am in the Meeting Room (Room No. 220, Building No. 02) of the University. Chairs and Members of all PSACs of BUBT participated in the meeting. The meeting was focused on Evaluating the...