IQAC-BUBT organized Workshop on “Accreditation Mechanisms of Higher Education Institutions: Policy Issues and Challenges in Bangladesh”

The workshop on “Accreditation Mechanisms of Higher Education  Institutions: Policy Issues and Challenges in Bangladesh” organized by IQAC of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) was held on 31st December, 2022.

Professor Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of BUBT presided over the inaugural session while Mr. Md. Shamsul Huda FCA, Hon’ble chairman of BUBT Trust was present as the Guest of Honor. Professor Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan said that BUBT is in a privileged position to go through the meticulous process of accreditation process prescribed by Bangladesh Accreditation Council.

Highlighting the immeasurable importance of accreditation in the overall development of the higher education of the country, Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh, Director of IQAC and BRIC welcomed all participants of workshop.

Prof Md. Abu Saleh, Advisor of BUBT and member of BUBT Trust and Prof. Dr. Ali Noor, Pro-Vice Chancellor of BUBT spoke as Special Guests of the inaugural session.

Guest of honor, Md. Shamsul Huda, FCA, Hon’ble Chairman of BUBT Trust said that BUBT is committed to academic excellence. Going through rigorous accreditation process prescribed by BAC will help BUBT achieve academic excellence.

Prof. Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary and Prof. Dr. S. M. Kabir conducted two technical sessions as keynote speakers. Prof Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary discussed the concept, significance and process of Bangladesh National Qualification Framework (BNQF) in detail. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. S. M. Kabir focused on various policy issues, challenges and compliances of accreditation of HEIs and programs.

Dr. Md. Harun-Or-Rashid, Registrar of BUBT, Zaved Mannan, Additional Director of IQAC, members of PSAC, members of FQAC, Deans of all faculties, chairmen of all departments and all senior professors participated in the workshop.