Message from the Additional Director of IQAC​

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the BUBT-IQAC website which has been working towards implementation of QA through preparing SA reports, modernization of the curricula, implementing outcome based education, promoting academic innovation, evaluating course and teacher performance, etc. We have established QA mechanism for systematic review of academic programs, quality of education and teaching-learning standards at an acceptable level. Currently we are working closely with Bangladesh Accreditation Council for accreditation of each academic program and University.

IQAC-BUBT assists university in formulating policies for different QA aspects of the university relating to governance, leadership strengthening, curriculum development, faculty and professional staff development. We play a key role in monitoring, evaluation and continual improvement of Quality Assurance. Apart from that, IQAC-BUBT assists programming offering entities and the university in culturing the procedures for accreditation of the programs and university as per the guidelines set by Bangladesh Accreditation Council.

Zaved Mannan
Additional Director, IQAC