Message from the Vice Chancellor and QAC Chairman

We are committed to develop a quality culture by bridging all faculty members, staffs and top management of BUBT for implementing Quality Assurance practices. Quality assurance has always been BUBT’s priority since its inception in 2017. We have been trying to ensure quality in its various academic programs in order to build a strong brand for BUBT as a top ranking university in Bangladesh. To ensure the quality, we established Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) so that quality of education can be encouraged, guaranteed and established in BUBT. A number of committees, such as, QAC, FQAC, PSAC in relation to Quality Assurance mechanism at BUBT has been formed. PSAC in each department is responsible to administer Quality Assurance exercise in cooperation with IQAC.

IQAC will disseminate information on various quality parameters of higher education through this website which will highlight on QA activities the university is following with BAC standards, UGC requirements and BUBT policies.

Prof. Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan
Vice Chancellor