BUBT Designs OBA Based MBA and EMBA Curricula to Produce Graduates for Lifelong Learning and Developing Real-world Problem Solving Skills

In a landmark achievement, the IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) has unveiled the highly anticipated outcome-based MBA and EMBA curricula. Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Fayyaz Khan was handed over the meticulously crafted curricula by the esteemed IQAC Director, Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh, along with the eminent Prof. Ali Noor, Pro-Vice Chancellor of BUBT, Prof. Dr. Syed Masud Husain, Dean of Faculty of Business and Social Science, Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Professor of Department of Management and Mr. Zaved Mannan, Additional Director of IQAC.

These cutting-edge MBA and EMBA programs represent a significant milestone for BUBT, designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to thrive in the dynamic global job market of the 21st century. The focus on outcome-based education ensures that graduates are not only academically accomplished but also industry-ready, with the ability to adapt and excel in their professional journeys.

Undertaking the task of designing these curricula was no small feat. Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh and his team at IQAC, together with Prof. Ali Noor and Mr. Zaved Mannan, invested an immense amount of effort, dedication, and expertise to ensure that the MBA and EMBA programs are aligned with the needs of the current job market.

“One of the primary objectives of our IQAC team was to create curricula that encourage lifelong learning among students,” said Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh, the visionary behind these revolutionary programs. “We firmly believe that education should not be limited to classroom boundaries, but rather empower individuals to continuously learn and adapt to the everchanging situations in the modern world.”

The result of this collaborative endeavor is a curriculum that transcends the conventional boundaries of education, incorporating innovative teaching methodologies, practical case studies, industry projects, and guest lectures from highly acclaimed professionals. This approach enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of real-world challenges and opportunities, nurturing their problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.

Prof. Ali Noor, Pro-Vice Chancellor of BUBT, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “Our MBA and EMBA programs now stand as beacons of excellence, attracting the brightest minds and aspiring leaders from across the country. We are confident that these curricula will not only elevate the status of our institution but also contribute significantly to the development of the nation’s business landscape.”

Mr. Zaved Mannan, Additional Director of IQAC, expressed the complexity and dedication invested in crafting these curricula. “The process demanded meticulous analysis of market trends, consultations with industry experts, and staying abreast of technological advancements to ensure the relevance and applicability of the programs in the face of ever-evolving business challenges,” he said.

The outcome-based MBA and EMBA curricula not only aim to nurture academic prowess but also focus on holistic personal development, equipping graduates with the ability to become ethical, compassionate, and socially responsible leaders.

With the unveiling of these MBA and EMBA curricula, BUBT reinforces its commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, revolutionizing education to embrace lifelong learning, and making a lasting impact on the ever-changing job market.