Workshop on Online teaching, exam, and evaluation techniques

The workshop on online teaching, exam, and evaluation techniques was organized by IQAC-BUBT on August 18, 2018, at the IQAC-BUBT Seminar Room (Room no. 709), Campus-2, BUBT. The inaugural session was presided over by Prof. Santi Narayan Ghosh, Director, IQAC-BUBT. Dr. Shafi Ullah, Senior Professor, Department of Accounting and Business Administration, Broward Community College (South campus), USA conducted technical sessions as keynote speaker. 25 senior faculty members from different departments participated in the workshop. Online teaching, exam, and assessment techniques are emphasized as the core content of the workshop. The keynote speaker. Shafi Ullah, Professor, Department of Accountancy and Business Administration, Broward College, USA gave a detailed explanation of how to take classes, exams, and assessment methods online.