Objectives of IQAC-BUBT

General Objectives of IQAC-BUBT

  • To promote a quality assurance culture within Bangladesh University of Business and Technology;
  • To enrich the graduates with right skills so that they can involve themselves in community services, can contribute to the national development and successfully compete in the global knowledge;


Specific Objectives of the IQAC-BUBT

  • To organize trainings, workshops, seminars on quality assurance for faculty members;
  • To prepare the university to meet the requirements of professional accreditation bodies;
  • To develop the self-assessment (SA) and peer review mechanism;
  • To develop and continuously update of quality assurance manual, tools and documents;
  • To enhance professional skills and knowledge of academic staff of this university in order to provide better teaching & learning;
  • To create better opportunities for academic staff with a view to establishing collaborative research network with national and foreign universities;
  • To improve the capacity of the university for producing qualified graduates for the job market at home and abroad;
  • To enhance the acceptability of the students of this university to reputed/prominent universities for further studies;
  • To build image of the university with confidence of the stakeholders by ensuring quality management;
  • To supervise the modernization and development of curricula of different degree programs;
  • To supervise the implementation of academic programs including admission of students, regular holding of classes, preparation of course outlines, development of libraries etc; and
  • To ensure timely publication of results of different examinations conducted by the university.